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“My generation is GROOMED TO BE GREEN”

Bravida, vvs-energy specialist, trainee
Philip Wøhlk, 22-years-old

22-year-old Philip Wøhlk always knew he wanted to do something ‘green’ and practical with his life. Today he’s studying to become an Energy Specialist – a natural choice for a technically-inclined boy growing up in a CO2-threatened world, he thinks.

“I’ve always been fascinated by the environment – and science. I’m from a generation, who’s been growing up on technical possibilities, discussions of climate change and a focus on helping nature survive. I believe that young people think fundamentally differently than the older generations – we’re born into a green perspective,” says Philip Wøhlk who is studying to be a plumber with a specific interest in energy alteration.

   He is dreaming of making a difference in a realistic kind of way – and being part of the small but constant movement forward when it comes to sustainable energy and reducing emissions.

   “I feel like I’ve been groomed this way. Groomed to think green. Through elementary school, high school and now my trainee position as a plumber,” he says, explaining how his current vocational education and daily experience at one of Denmark’s largest technical installation- and service companies, Bravida, only adds to this feeling.


The quiet revolution

“Bravida has a very green profile. The company helps Danish companies and families live energy efficient lives. Own houses that are well insulated, have sustainable plumbing, heat pumps and district heating. I’m learning something new every day and I do feel that we – the people working the floor – are making a difference,” Philip says while stressing the fact that this is not only good for society and the environment in general, but also for the individual family’s economy.

   They save money on heat and water – and help the planet breathe easier. It’s a win-win situation.

   “Actually, I’m not afraid for our planet. We might have started a bit too late on the green conversion, but we are doing it now, and my generation makes it a priority. We’re on the right path and I’m happy to be part of it,” he says adding that it would be nice if the politicians focused a bit more on all the smaller parts of the green adjustment:

   “I get that water-driven turbines and windmills are great inventions, but it might be good noticing the quiet revolution taking place inside people’s houses as well. The fact that Mr. and Mrs. Jensen are getting better and better at using their energy in a sustainable way –helping us all speed up our green transformation.” 



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