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“Passion for wind and water”

Vestas, adult trainee, Lasse Opstrup, 28-years-old

28-year-old Lasse Opstrup comes from a family of fishermen and wind turbine builders. “Water and wind are in my blood’ he says while telling the tale of a young man entering the Danish company Vestas, wanting to travel the world and making it a better place

“The first time I entered the great halls of Vestas was 6 years ago. I was 22 and amazed at the sheer size of the thing. The need to bend back my head to even see it. Fathom the length and width of just one of the turbine’s blades –54x4 meters at one point. It’s an immense work you’re participating in – complicated and very fulfilling. It makes you feel small,” says Opstrup, who has is just beginning a new chapter in his and Vesta’s relationship: the job as an adult trainee on the path of becoming an ‘automatic technician’.

   Over the next four years he’ll learn how to maintain the machines and tools used in production, how to set up the blade molds, program computers and use the laser equipment.

   “It takes about 16-18 men to build a blade like that. It’s essentially two shells you have to fit together, but each shell consists of an immense number of layers. They are fit down to the last millimeter and made out of glass fiber – a material that is both strong and light” explains Opstrup who feels that the last six years at Vestas has helped him grow.

   “I know how to read complicated blueprints, I work very independently and have gained a lot on both a personal and professional level. I’ve travelled the world, have seen things and evolved. It’s a good feeling – and probably also why I want to keep working and educating myself here.”

Helping the world move forward

Lasse Opstrup has traveled to England, India and the US, helping with wind turbine production. He’s seen the challenges of wind energy, how important durability is, the constant need for bettering the product, getting it to catch the wind better and drive larger generators.

   He’s seen people all over the world using the products he’s helped create, witnessed the worldwide passion for adopting a better and more sustainable energy source.

   “I’m proud of working at Vestas. I think all of us are. We can see the global warming accelerating, see large parts of the world going the wrong way – and then it feels good to be part of an industry that does the opposite. Vestas works to ensure a greener world and a lesser negative effect of humanity. And luckily the interest from other countries is great. We are constantly producing new and better blades,” he says, adding that he enjoys being amongst the best in the world producing wind energy.

   “It’s really cool working for Vestas and I hope to travel to Russia, China and Brazil over the next few years – being part of bringing the skills and getting the word out. I have chosen to work with my hands. I’m able to create something. And that makes me proud,” he says and smiles at the fact that he’s not the only one in his family who’s been working for Vestas.

   So has his grandmother, his grandfather and his uncle.




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