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”We’re not just fixing toilets and radiators”

Bravida, Daniel Lorente Vazquez, serviceleder

Service manager Daniel Lorente Vazquez has seen his share of young trainees – and he is noticing a shift. The present generations are prouder of their vocational training, part of a greener agenda, and able to appreciate a plumbing career much more than ever before.

The world has gone greener and at Bravida, one of Denmark’s largest technical companies within the installation and building industry, this has become part of everyday life.

   Their parking lot is getting more and more electric and hybrid cars, the plates in their cafeteria have gotten smaller and the office headquarters are more energy efficient than ever before.

   “The green conversion is visible everywhere. The builders we work with want eco-friendly materials, the Nordic Ecolabel on their buildings, and a greener profile. All of that rubs off on us, our routines and our trainees. The young plumbers are starting to feel proud about their field. They are noticing that they do so much more than just fixing toilets and radiators,” says Daniel Lorente Vazquez, Bravida service manager for the past year who is also a trained energy fitter and installer with plenty of experience with trainees.

    “When they join us, they already know a lot about energy saving and heat pumps from vocational school - stuff they want to share with us - but out on the building sites they experience it all in action,” he says adding that the need for technical knowledge and climate control has created a sense of confidence that hasn’t been part of the field for years.


The pleasure of building things with your hands

In many ways the skill set needed for becoming a craftsman has changed over the recent years. The job has become much more technical and complex.

   “It takes more than it did. Society’s focus on climate control, energy conservation and ecological housing are adding to the demands of the craft. It’s a lot more technical to be an artisan today. In many ways it’s science in a practical setting. And add-on to the things we are taught in physics and chemistry at school. Today’s trainees need a different skillset than the older generations did,” says Vazquez, then he comments on the lack of plumbers and electricians they are experiencing at the moment.

   “We need more trainees in these fields. The younger generations should not underestimate what they can get out of a training position at a company like Bravida. There are a lot of people who can read and write – and that’s important – but in the future we need people who can use their hands as well. People who can build us a better world,” he says while adding that we all need to look after our planet better and that it’s important to think about how we work, distribute our materials, and create the things we need. 

   As he says: “It’s a gift being able to use your hands, and in the future our young plumbers and electricians will play an important part in the way we handle all of this. You shouldn’t underestimate the pleasure of building things by hand – and the effect it can have on us all.”


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