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Who would have thought it? PLASTIC AS A SUSTAINABLE RESOURCE!

Benjamin Bernt Jensen is 21 years old, working for one of Denmark’s largest plastic manufacturers and passionate about the eco-friendly qualities of his company’s product. Faerch is working on a sustainable plastic agenda, and Benjamin is here for it – all the way.

“When I went to my first job interview with Faerch, I was fully aware of the fact that I was applying for a trainee position with a company making plastic trays in a world where plastic is reviled. I remember my current boss telling me that Faerch considered plastic to be a green resource. That used and recycled right it could be a fantastic sustainable product. That remark made me curious.”

   21-year-old Benjamin Bernt Jensen is in his first year of a two-year ‘export trainee position’ with the Danish plastic company Faerch—a company known for its green profile as 100 percent of the plastic produced can be recycled.

   “The media is constantly talking about plastic as a bad thing, and in the Danish city of Holstebro where I’m from, they talk about avoiding plastic, about ways to reduce the use of it on a larger scale. As I see it – and with the knowledge I now have from Faerch - this approach is totally wrong. We need to be able to recycle and reuse the plastic we have – not discard it,” he says, explaining that the used plastic his company receives is mashed up, washed and turned into new plastic trays.

   In an endless recycling – and in a totally eco-friendly manner.

   “We have to remember that in many ways plastic is actually good for us. It’s a fantastic renewable texture that can be used in food safety (your pizza box is covered in a very thin layer of plastic foil to keep the cardboard from interacting with your food) and as a durable, sustainable resource that actually beats both aluminum packaging and cardboard wrappings.”


Plastic – a story worth telling

For the young export trainee, the new knowledge is being enacted in many places in his daily life – and he frequently shares his own ‘aha moment with others.’

   “I carry the positive plastic message as much as I can. To friends and family. One time I was having a friend over and we were baking a cake. My friend was putting it in the oven, when I told her to bake it in a plastic tray. ‘It’s C-PET and that doesn’t melt at normal oven temperatures’, I told her. I knew this, because it was one of our products – made from reused bottles and trays. She looked at me disbelievingly. It was fun knowing stuff that the others didn’t,” he says.

   “The entire plastic agenda is important for me now and whenever I enter a supermarket and see a plastic-wrapped tray of minced meat or something, I turn it over and check out the material. Nine times out of ten it’s from Faerch and that makes me smile. We’re doing a good thing; my eyes are opened to the green values of plastic – something I didn’t know before.”

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